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What is the price difference when shopping with Ziora?

Ziora has a policy that the prices for items shown on the website will be the same, or substantially the same, as in the actual retail store.

Kindly note however that selling prices are determined by the vendors and not by Ziora.

Can I negotiate on Ziora?

Ziora vendors have the option to allow negotiations on certain items, unless the vendor is not willing to negotiate the selling price.

Refer to paragraph 7.10 in the terms and conditions to find out how negotiations work.

Why does Ziora utilize PayPal for Payments?

For the benefit of both buyers and vendors, Ziora has chosen PayPal to process payments and refunds. To read more about why to use PayPal please follow the following link.

Why Use PayPal?


Shipping Information


Does Ziora ship items?

Ziora facilitates the crating and shipping of items through outsourcing crating, freight forwarding and courier companies. Shipments are all personally arranged by Ziora consultants. If you have any special requests, please do not hesitate to ask at

Different Shipping Methods

Click here to view our different shipping methods.

How to check status of shipment?

As soon as a quotation has been approved you will be provided with a waybill number for your shipment. This will allow you to track exactly where your item is though the link provided on the e-mail.

Shipping of multiple items

When shipping multiple items from the same vendor, Ziora will try their utmost to combine the shipping of all the different items into one single shipment for your convenience. Unfortunately when shipping multiple items from different vendors we will not be able to combine multiple items into one single shipment.  Once the costs of multiple shipments have been calculated, Ziora will provide you with one quotation with all the different shipment- and crating costs.


Returns Policy


Refer to paragraph 8 in the terms and conditions.


Selling on Ziora


Retailer or Collector

If you are a gallery, retailer or collector of high-end fine art, jewellery, watches, clocks, furniture or collectables and would like to sell your goods on Ziora. Please follow this link to see how it would be beneficial to you and to your business.

Private Seller

At Ziora we only sell goods on behalf of reputable collectors and retailers. If you have a special piece that you would like to sell please contact our customer support at and we will put you into contact with the right buyer for your item.