3 Upcycling DIY Hacks to Transform your Space March 5, 2018 – Posted in: Design, General, Uncategorized – Tags: , , ,


In 2018 do it yourself hacks continue to populate the likes of Pinterest and the likes. Take things to the next level by trying these 3 simple and quirky DIY tips using these unique items to transform and breathe fresh life into your home.

1. Knock on Wood: Instead of a desk in your bedroom, make use of floating shelf, which is not only trendy but also space saving. Tip: Try a unique twist on the traditional desk by using a vintage door as a floating shelf.

2. Rake it Up: An old garden rake is ideal when repurposed as a quirky hanger for smaller garden tools in your shed or garage, or even as a quirky coat/key/hat rack in your entrance hall.

3. Pack your Bags: Vintage suitcases are having a moment lately and can be repurposed in a variety of different ways so think twice before throwing out vintage luggage. Tip: stack a few as a beautiful, unique side table; top a stand with a single suitcase to make a gorgeous dressing table; or use several as a stand for a coffee table.