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According to the experts, you could be compromising the entire atmosphere of your home through minor, seemingly insignificant design errors. These small, but unsightly mistakes, not only steal away from any hard work you may have put into decorating, but are also often the first things guests notice upon entering the space. However, there is no need to panic, as these are easily rectified with minimal effort.

1. Don’t be blinded by blinds: Although vertical blinds are functional and can be appealing in certain spaces if utilized correctly, for the most part they can become an eyesore.

Quick fix: Replace blinds in your home with trendy drapery panels hung from rounded curtain rods. Tip: take curtains in a more subdued colour to the next level with a bold and unique curtain rod.

2. Framing is everything: Decorating your home with beautiful artwork and photography is ideal insofar as expressing your personality. However, your possibly stellar choice of artwork can be overshadowed by cheap and unstylish frames.

Quick fix: Don’t cheap out by purchasing cheap picture frames. Rather invest in quality pieces that will enhance and compliment the pictures you choose to display I’m your home. Tip: look for glare-proof glass and custom matte mounts.

3. Switch off the fluorescent lights: When attempting to create an ambiance in the home, one rarely thinks of fluorescent lighting. These harsh, overly-bright and glaring bulbs instantly destroy any type of welcoming atmosphere you might have been trying to create.

Quick fix: Swap out fluorescent bulbs for lighting that generates a warmer and softer glow to make your home more inviting. Tip: energy-saving lightbulbs are not only environmentally friendly, they also often tend to have a lower wattage, creating a lovely warm glow.

4. Pack up the paper lamp shades: Paper lamp shades may be cheap and convenient, but unfortunately that is where their advantages end. They tend towards tacky and unsophisticated and, instead of complimenting, can ruin the overall look of the space.

Quick fix: It is a common misconception that lighting should be boring and merely practical. Think outside the box when it comes to choosing lighting in your home. Tip: go bold with bold patterns and textures or ditch the lampshade entirely and go for an exposed bulb mounted on an antique base.

5. Bare necessities: Although minimalism is a popular design style, balance is key. A room that is too bare is entirely uninviting and confusing.

Quick fix: Warm up the space with accessories, such as colorful throws, rugs and cushions, to add life to the space while simultaneously avoiding clutter.