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Decorating your home can sometimes be an overwhelming task and simple ways to add style to your space can help you shoulder the burden. Current trends can seem intimidating when you are not in the interior design business. Consider these five insider tricks by top interior designers for expert home-makeover advice and inspiration.

1. Forget the fuss: Choose pieces that are simple and are made to compliment, rather than complicate the way you live.

2. You’ve got the look: When decorating and acquiring furniture ensure that you choose your aesthetic and stick to it. Consider a theme that reflects your personality and select items that flatter your chosen aesthetic.

3. Loving Living: Home decor is a personal undertaking. Finding pieces that resonate with you on a personal level in terms of why way you live can instantly alter your space. When considering fabric and paint colours bring them into your home, hold them up against your couches and walls, and you ask yourself whether or not you want to live with them.

4. The Perfect Pattern: Choosing patterns can be tricky, you have to consider whether it is simply something you like the look of or if it is something that really speaks to you. Consider what story the pattern tells and how it resonates with your inner story. Being slightly more intentional with these kind of choices can result in something really exciting.

5. To Trend or Not to Trend: Not unlike patterns, trends are a complicated component of interior design. The professionals suggest staying away from embracing a trend simply because it is the ‘in thing.’ Remember that you will be the one living with the trend on a daily basis and it might not be easy to change if you get sick of it. Rather consider bringing the trend into your home in a small way and see how you like to live with it at first.