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Everyone dreams of one day having their own bar in their home. This may not always be achievable, whether it be due to space restrictions or monetary constraints. There is, however, an easily obtainable and elegant alternative – the bar cart. A trend that has been reemerging in households in recent years, the comeback of the bar cart is indeed a hallmark of sophistication. Conveniently bring the bar to you in these six simple and classy steps.

Step 1. The Perfect Bar Cart: Undoubtedly the most essential ingredient is the actual bar cart itself. Consider your options and the atmosphere you are attempting to achieve – compact circular carts are ideal if space is an issue, while conventional rectangular carts lend an air of yesteryear. Mixed materials are trending at the moment, for example brass elements add a high-end touch.

Step 2. The Tray: Once you have your pièce de résistance, i.e.: the ideal bar cart, it is essential to find a stylish cocktail tray to display your ingredients. Choose a tray that compliments the aesthetic of your cart. Tip: a tray also comes in handy when serving guests.

Step 3. Glasses, Tumblers, Flutes: Top-shelf liquor deserves to be served in style. Ensure that your bar cart is fully stocked with beautiful glassware fit for every occasion and cocktail. Think wine glasses, tumblers, champagne flutes, highballs. The addition of a decanter set will add a refined touch to the proceedings.

Step 4. Shake it up Baby: A good cocktail shaker can take you from zero to Tom Cruise in 60 seconds. A well-curated bar cart is incomplete without the magic and convenience of mixing cocktails with the flick of the wrist.

Step 5. Ice, Ice, Baby: In the absence of an actual bar fridge, keep your drinks chilled with a carefully curated ice-bucket. A classic steel bucket is a classic addition to the original bar cart or, if you prefer a more contemporary feel, consider a shatterproof plastic ice-bucket with a unique design.

Step 6. The Accessories: Once you have all the essentials covered, add a few finishing touches to add a personal touch to your bar cart. Bring your personality into the mix with straw holders, coasters, cocktail stirrers, cork toppers and bottle openers.