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As we move into Spring in the Southern Hemisphere and Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, it is time to acknowlege the emerging trends of the season. One particular trend gaining momentum and showing no sign of slowing down is the bold, dramatic colour palette.

The subdued palette of past fall seasons is being replaced by big bold colour tones and is steadily becoming a statement adaptable to every aspect of the home. As a result of the bold nature of this trend, the palette becomes the key point of inspiration, in turn defining the mood and feel a particular space. Think dusky blues, deep plums and grays incorporated through matte yet soft materials lending an air of mystery.

In the bedroom:

Emerald green is having a moment in the bedroom right now, adding an element of luxury while simultaneously emulating lush foliage. The depth of this bold tone is expertly complimented by palettes that range from darker shades like black and navy, to gold and coral, while pale neutrals like white and light grey give it a crisp edge.

In the kitchen:

Deep blue hues such as cerulean, turquoise, sapphire and cyan lend positive energetic colour to the kitchen pair well with black stainless steel appliances. Deeper tones are also becoming a popular choice for cabinets and counter tops, while deep reds contrasted with sleek white cabinets make an equally bold statement.

On the walls and floors:

Returning to the aspect of luxury, cloaking walls and floors in deep greens and charcoals is gaining popularity. Moreover, the dark colours of the deeper palette make the edges of the room disappear to create the illusion of more space.

Although it may seem risky to commit to such a bold style of decor, trend forecasters predict that it will only become more fashionable over the coming months. Various paint manufacturers have already chose their favourite hues for next year including black flame, black magic and deep onyx, while interior designers say think smoky greens, luxurious purples and charred grey-blacks for 2018.

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