Why Antiques should be a Minimalists Best Friend July 5, 2017 – Posted in: Design, General, Unique Collections – Tags: , , , ,


Minimalist decor may appear to be here to stay but according to design experts modern minimalist spaces tend to lack grounding. That is perhaps why antiques are on the up and up. Find out which pieces you should be buying below.

Although minimalism can be simple, clean and classy, it can equally become sterile, uninspiring and lacking in imagination. Antiques, on the other hand, lend a unique and quirky aesthetic to an otherwise lacklustre or tame space, which is why these statement pieces are gaining popularity.

These are the pieces you should be buying:

1.) STORAGE: You can’t go wrong with a classic walnut Armoire or mahogany chest. They add depth and warmth to a room and, because of their size, serve to anchor a space.

Our top picks: Late 19th Century Louis XV Style Quarter Veneered Walnut 3 Door Armoire & 18th Century French Oak Mule Chest

2.) ODDITY/RARITY: Collectables never go out of style. In the contemporary era we are all desperately seeking meaning or something that ties us to history. Rare and interesting antique items not only make a statement, they also serve as a talking piece in any space.

Our top picks: Boer War Photographic 3D Stereo Viewer (CIRCA 1900) & Silver Shoe Horn by Harald Nielsen (CIRCA 1940)

3.) LIGHTING: A key interior design element, lighting is an essential and often the focal point of any room. Bringing light into your space needn’t be purely a necessary task. Instead, a distinctive fixture can tie an entire room together.

Our top picks: Antique Belgian bronze & glass chandelier & Black & Green Wrought Iron Chandelier