Art Deco isn’t Going Anywhere July 19, 2017 – Posted in: Design, General, Uncategorized – Tags: , ,


Radio City Music Hall, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler building – arguably some of the most iconic Art Deco architectural masterpieces. They are timeless, ageless, consistently elegant. This is the power of Art Deco that continues to influence contemporary trends from interior design to textiles to fashion. It is a trend that is growing steadily with little sign of slowing down.

The streamlined geometric style of Art Deco, with its elegant clean lines and angular shapes, has undoubtedly ensured its lasting impression and intensifying popularity. Interior designers predict that the resurgence of Art Deco is here to stay. Structure and stability. Retro, simple and on-trend all at the same time. This is perhaps Art Deco is becoming more and more sought after whether it be in the form of luxurious velvet chairs, brass accents on furniture or bold, colourful wallpaper.

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