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There are so many factors that come into play when you choose an artwork, especially if for your own personal space. Here are a few guidelines that can make the process slightly easier to choose, particularly if there are more than one piece on your shortlist to display in that art-hungry space.

How to go about collecting

A grand home deserves a grand collection, and it takes years to build a collection that is not just your personal choice, but also ties décor elements together and round off the look of a home.

You can always change the position or the frames to create a cluster in years to come. This could also create a new focus point as newer pieces may require bigger space.

The most important is to start small and keep growing into a larger body of work that you love.

The colours should interact with their surroundings

There are no hard and fast rules, but the days of displaying art on a blank white wall is no longer the focus. Take into consideration the room in which the art is intended for to determine the gravitas of the piece. For instance a focal space in the lounge will require a more energetic piece than the guest bathroom. Often coloured walls add a dramatic enhancement of the artwork too, as well as adding a considered layered approach.

Framing is huge

The frame is as much a part of the art as it is in relation of the room. For more tips on what to do with frames, read more here about our tips and guidelines.

What to consider when buying online at Ziora

You can get a good feel for what the artwork looks and feels like online. We’re so used to looking at images online these days, that you can put a complete picture together in your mind (or even digitally place it if you or a friend are design programme savvy).


Elevate everyday items to objets d’art

Plinths are a great way to elevate the every item into something extraordinary. See an object online that you love, but can not be positioned in your conventional space, think lateral and place it in an unusual setting for more impact.

Juxtapose dissimilar pieces

The highly eclectic collections are the most interesting. It creates unexpected moments, particularly when mixing contemporary with classics. It’s wonderful.

Is this piece the right one?

You should enjoy the energy of the chosen piece, it does not necessarily always need to make you happy. Choose something that resonates if you are living with these artwork/s every day. You need to at least feel something!

Happy browsing online!