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To frame or not to frame, that is the question. Some art pieces already have your picture framed, but it may also clash with your aesthetic or tarnish over the years and need an update. Other pieces come unframed and you may feel the need to set it in a frame that would both enhance the artist’s work as well as blend with your décor. Here are a few helpful tips to consider with your frame specialist, before all those multitude of overwhelming samples derail your focus.

  • Memories included

Have a little fun and combine both your investment art with fond memories, milestones or your children’s drawings. You can place the art in the living room and the memories down the hallway or in your bedroom to balance your collection. It’s an expression of yourself and the people whom you share your home.

  • Size matters

Consider the furniture around the area where you will place the artwork. If the framed artwork is overwhelmed by a large piece of furniture in it’s weight or scale, the artistic impact will be lost. Similarly a boldly framed large piece will make small furniture seem disproportionate.

  • Define your aesthetic

Consider the style of your room as well as your personal style. These two elements dictate the frame selection to complement the colours, shapes and frame sizes for a satisfying final look that will last for years.

  • Nostalgia meets experimental

A feature wall greatly benefits from different colours and sizes to give extra glamour and energy to the space. As the collection grows, so will your experimentation with placement.

  • Position, position, position

Find out how the natural light fall in the room at different times, never place an investment artwork in direct sunlight. You would also like to give maximum focus to your most inspired or latest find from Ziora.

  • Breathing space

The artwork needs to breathe within the frame. Leave a reveal area by placing it on a wider neutral background paper before framing it.

Now all that’s left is that question of what to add to your collection from Ziora. Happy browsing.