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Ziora at the recent SAADA Expo in Johannesburg

Ziora at the recent SAADA Expo in Johannesburg


Twice a year SAADA – The South African Antique, Art and Design Associaton – hosts their bi-annual Expo with great anticipation by it’s almost 50 mutually hand-picked members for the public in central locations. The recent Spring Expo took on the proverbial time-travel slot, with a focus on both past and present being the classic stylish answer to the fickle world of fashion – that crash and burn continuously with the “what’s hot right now” approach.

Paul Mrkusic, SAADA CEO says: “A visit to one of our events tells this story better than words. Unlike other events that focus on a singular contemporary, innately transient moment, our annual Expos – one in Cape Town at the start of each year, and one in Johannesburg in Spring – are a boutique-style celebration of the vast history of design – past, present and future – and not simply a contemporary moment thereof. This assures the extraordinary variety of exhibits: each unique item on show tells its own story, while at the same time is a piece in the great and glorious puzzle of design through time.”

Any SAADA member comes along with the stamp of credibility and automatic accreditation by Brussels-based CINOA (Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d’Art, or International Confederation of Art and Antique Dealers’ Associations).

Ziora recently visited this much anticipated SAADA Expo to meet up with members and the public. All Ziora shoppers can request an independant appraisal from SAADA for additional peace of mind with their online selection.

Between Ziora and SAADA, you can be assured that although not all the selected item/s will be in fashion, they all have the style to be simply timeless!


Pictured from left to right:

John Huisamen (Ziora), Ricus Dullaert (Kunsthandel H.W.C. Dullaert) and David Wu (Kunsthandel H.W.C. Dullaert)