Blending Modern and Antique furniture February 10, 2016 – Posted in: Design – Tags: ,

In recent times, the love and appreciation for all things vintage and classic has come back in a big way in our popular culture. A significant example is the rise of the so-called ‘hipster’ look, which celebrates the ‘old school’ like never before. This popular trend has seen us fall in love with the looks and graces of a bygone era that extend beyond how we dress and groom ourselves, and include all manner of accessories, furnishings, to how we eat, talk and decorate our homes.

There are those among us who adore the look, history and grandeur antique pieces of furniture can add to our homes. The trick here is to know how to seamlessly blend these key antique pieces with modern, contemporary furniture so as to create an antique/modern fusion look that complements and completes the spaces in your home.

The size and space of the room you’re decorating needs to be considered first and foremost. Will the antique piece fit well, have enough room to be appreciated, and will it be lit well, whether with natural or other types of light? The look you want to achieve here is curated and considered, not chaotic and cluttered. A well thought out decoration style should look as though the pieces have been acquired over time, not ordered through a catalogue all at once. Keeping the look simple frequently yields the best results.

Remember, just because you’re blending different styles of furniture in one space, furnishings are not all there are to consider, you should also be mindful of other key influences, like the colour palette of the room, lighting considerations, and how well all these elements will combine to create the look and feel you have envisioned.

There are, generally speaking, two primary ways to proceed here. If your furnishings are of a neutral colour palette, then the colour of the room should be bold so as to offset the colour of the pieces, and in contrast, if your pieces are brightly coloured or ornately decorated, then it is usually advised that they are coupled with a muted and naturally coloured backdrop, so as to draw attention to the pieces.

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