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Our blog highlights tips for spotting great antiques and how to make the best use of them.

Here we share our knowledge and expertise to help you find the antiques that suit you and bring you value.

Check back regularly for more useful tips and tricks to do with antiques and fine art.

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    5 Insider Interior Designer Tricks

    Decorating your home can sometimes be an overwhelming task and simple ways to add style to your space can help you shoulder the burden. Current trends can seem intimidating when you are not in the…
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    6 Steps to Your Dream Bar Cart

    Everyone dreams of one day having their own bar in their home. This may not always be achievable, whether it be due to space restrictions or monetary constraints. There is, however, an easily obtainable and…
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    How to feel at home in a rental in 3 easy steps

    Although renting a home, flat or townhouse is cost-efficient and affords freedom through minimum commitment, the challenge many renters face is the struggle to put a personal touch on the space. It is, however, possible…
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    THE AUTUMN UPDATE: 5 Top Trends

    With autumn and winter steadily approaching in the Southern Hemisphere, the changing of the season is the ideal excuse for a fresh update of your home or office. The move into the cooler months of…
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    4 Quick and Easy Home Refreshers

    Decorating your home can often seem to be a tedious and time consuming task. Busy work schedules, children’s extramural activities and busy social lives prevent us from putting time and effort into our homes. The…
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    Storage Wars: 6 ways to upgrade your storage solutions

    Clutter in the home can put you on the fast track to ruining the entire aesthetic of your home. However, rather than shoving your belongings in a cupboard that no one looks in, storage can…
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    Heart of the Home: 5 Kitchen Trend for 2018

    The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home: a place to gather as a family over a soulful meal prepared with love; a space for creativity and experimentation; an area to enjoy…
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    3 Upcycling DIY Hacks to Transform your Space

    In 2018 do it yourself hacks continue to populate the likes of Pinterest and the likes. Take things to the next level by trying these 3 simple and quirky DIY tips using these unique items…
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    3 Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom

    Whether it comes to your daily morning routine, a reinvigorating soak in the tub, or hitting the shower after a rigorous gym session,
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    Pillow Talk: 5 Bedroom Makeover Tips

    The advent of a new year often calls for home makeovers, whether it be a single room or an entire home overhaul.