Buying the art you love and complimenting it with your décor. November 30, 2015 – Posted in: General – Tags: ,

Art in a home is so often an after-thought after you have already selected your décor and furniture for a particular room. We suggest first selecting art pieces if possible, this way you can pick out what you love without having to stress if it fits the mood and décor style of the room.

Art pieces should be supported by the room, and accents such as cushions and furniture should help the art piece stand out. It should also be mentioned that art doesn’t always have to be serious, as long you love the piece it can be the perfect talking point, even if it’s not to someone else’s taste.

Don’t be shy of bold colours, abstract art and even looking at alternative styles. These days art is so subjective, which is why we are often left asking what defines good art, is it the price, the artist, the composition, the style, the frame etc.?  In truth it’s whatever you love and feel will create a warm and happy mood in your home.

Remember that placement of art is important but so is the placement of the furniture around it. Use furniture to create emphasis around art, such as a neutral couch, with bright red cushions that match or bring out the red in a piece of art above it.

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Fuschia Sofa complimenting art