Celebrating Female Creators August 8, 2017 – Posted in: Design, General, Uncategorized, Unique Collections – Tags: , , ,


In honour of Women’s Day tomorrow we take a moment to celebrate female creators.

According to interior designers female-made furniture is having a real moment and women have made a real name for themselves in a male-dominated domain.

A perhaps little know fact is that women have played a critical role in woodworking for centuries, despite falling under the radar of popular knowledge for the most part.

For example, female creators like Charlotte Perriand, Margaret McDonald Mackintosh and Eileen Gray have inspired some of the most prolific and inspirational movements over the past 200 years.

Furthermore, Ray Eames, with her convenient masculine pseudonym, has managed to make groundbreaking contributions to the fields of architecture, furniture design, industrial design and the manufacturing industry.

Let’s hear it for the ladies!