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One of the most interesting interior design trends we have seen so far in 2017 is the use of colour. Here are some of the most colour trends that have been gaining in popularity this year.

New Neutrals

In 2017 we have seen a move away from the striking contrast of black and white neutrals made popular by Scandinavian minimalism towards a warmer palette of ‘new neutrals’. Think beiges, browns and creams with a distinctly mid-century, bohemian feel for a timeless appeal. Matte black’s moment of 2016 appears to be over, with the resurgence of softer neutrals taking its place as a style forerunner.

We suggest warming up a dull space with this Empire Style Walnut Settee.

Create a Mood with Colour

There should be more to your choice than simply finding a colour aesthetically appealing. In 2017 there has been a increase in ascertaining the psychology of colour. That is, what it represents and how to use colour to invoke different feelings. Certain colours impact our mood in various different ways. For example, a warm shade of red in a living or dining room can increase adrenaline sparking lively conversation in a space where people gather, while a cool lavender tone works perfectly in a bedroom as it evokes feelings of rest and relaxation.

We suggest this Pair of Art Deco red leather armchairs to get the conversation started.

Pantone’s Greenery

Pantone appears to have hit the nail on the head when they named greenery the colour of the 2017. The tropical shades of limes and forest greens lend a distinctly retro feel to a home or office, with the additional benefit of adding a warm, natural touch to a space. Greenery is all about a return to nature, embracing wholesomeness and feelings of wellness.

We suggest a statement pieces of green furniture like this Half Moon Vintage Green Leather Top Table.

A Pop of Contradicting Colour

The move away from monochromatic interiors in 2017 has sparked a growing interest in clashing colours, patterns and textures. The increasing popularity of this trend means that spaces are getting bolder and brighter. Experiment by pairing geometrics with pastels, or embrace the tropical trend by mixing bold prints with sleek modern textures.

We suggest this Continental Hand Painted Baltic Bench.

Go Regal with Navy and Gold

The distinctly regal pairing of navy and gold has been populating online sites like Pinterest over the past seven months and shows little evidence of running out of steam. The primary focus of dark blue paired with gilded golden accents lends an air of sophistication to a space.

We suggest this Spade Copelans Bowl & Lid in Navy & Gold.

A Blush of Pink

Blush pink first began gaining interest in 2016 as a statement shade. In 2017 the focus of blush pink has shifted and is now being incorporated as a warm neutral colour paired with grays, browns and creams.

We suggest this Frosted Pink And Green Fruit Bowl.

Camel is the New Black

With the re-emergence of warm neutral tones camel is having a moment in the spotlight in 2017. If you spent time and money investing in the monochromatic trend over the past few years camel is a quick and stylish way of adding richness without drawing too much attention. Moreover, its adaptability to several colour palettes ensures that it works with almost any style of design, from contemporary to rustic, ultimately lending a timeless feel to pieces upholstered in it.

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