Heart of Gold: Bringing Metallics into the Home August 29, 2017 – Posted in: Design, General, Uncategorized – Tags: , , , , ,


A trend gaining increasing popularity within the interior design community is the use of metallics within the home. Although this trend has the potential to lean towards gaudiness or allude to a bad sci-fi movie, if utilized appropriately can add an element of glamour and class to a space.

Here are a few examples of how you can bring metallics into your home without looking like you take design advice from The Jetson’s:

1. Subtlety is key: Less is, indeed, more. Avoid going overboard by sticking to a few metallic accents rather than pairing a gold chandelier with metallic wallpaper and a gigantic gilded mirror. Instead, think a beautiful gold picture frame or a couple of metallic throw pillows. Hint: pair metallics with rustic decor maintain balance.

2. Mix it up: Mixed metals are all the rage at the moment. It is no longer considered a taboo to mix stainless steel with with brassy tones, or combine gold and silver. The combination of warm and cool metals creating an interesting texture that adds a touch of glamour to your space.

3. Paint it silver: Metallic accents are not necessarily refined to gold or silver accessories. Add a hint of luxury by using shimmery paints and wallpapers to add a touch of class. Avoid a shine overload by simply accenting a single wall with metallic wallpaper.

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