Why you should hold onto your antiques June 27, 2017 – Posted in: General


Trends are constantly changing. An item deemed fashionable one day could as soon be considered outdated before you even have the chance to remove it from the packaging. It stands to reason, then, that many consumers are not wont to purchase expensive statement items fearing that instead of being a proud owner of a luxurious piece of furniture they are stuck with an antiquated piece worth less than half the value of what they spent gathering dust in a garage or storage unit. So should you hang on to that intricately carved six head dinner table from before the turn of the last century that your grandmother left to you in her will? Here’s why you should hold onto your antiques.

Yes, the ever-shifting landscape of what is en vogue can be a slippery slope to navigate and it can become overwhelming. And we may live in the Ikea generation of simplicity and minimalism. However, fortunately, the approach to style and design is becoming increasingly fluid and when it comes to antique furniture the rules are changing. There is a wealth of information in cyberspace of arguments supporting both sides of the coin. While some argue that there is no room for antiques in the contemporary era, the majority consensus is that they hold a substantial amount of weight and should be preserved.

This is why there is still a big market for antiques:

– Most of these items have a rich history. They might have been passed down through several generations, belonged to an important time in history, been owned by a significant person, or simply have an interesting story to tell.
– Antique collecting is steadily growing in popularity among Millennials. In an era where substance is lacking, younger generations are desperate to reconnect.
– The quality of these items is incomparable. Antiques were made in a different era under different socio-economic conditions and were often made better and last longer than those made today.

It’s never too late (or too early) to start your own collection of antiques to pass down to future generations. Peruse our offerings here.