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The outside of a house is usually quite generic. Neutrally painted colours on somewhat uniform looking buildings. Every now and then, when one gets the opportunity to build their own house, all of that can change, and you’re able to express yourself in a way generally reserved for decorating the interior of a house.

Luckily, you don’t need to be able to afford to build your own house to get the opportunity to flex your creative decorating skills, all you need is some good instincts and advice, and perhaps a credit card or two. Art, whether it be your child’s finger-painted masterpiece or a much coveted portrait you’ve had your eye on for a while, has the ability to transform the space inside your house from bare and quiet to one resembling your own personal art gallery. The main factor to consider when choosing art is how the piece, be it a painting, a sculpture or a carving, makes you feel when you see it. Everyone should have art they love in their homes.

Choose prominent areas or walls in your home, you want your eye to be drawn to the piece. Leave some walls blank, so as not to have your space look too cluttered. Size matters, wall size that is. Don’t be scared to use a whole wall, or if you have an oddly shaped wall, find a unique piece to fill that space. If you have a number of smaller pieces you’d like to place on one wall, a good idea is to get a roll of brown paper and trace each frame. Cut these out and use them to easily stick to the wall and move around to get the best possible arrangement.


Colour is another important aspect to consider. Different colours work well in different rooms. Living and sleeping rooms usually favour muted and calm colours, while communal and outside areas favour bright and bold colours. However, your home is an expression of your personality so don’t be afraid to let your home speak to who you are and bring in all the elements you love and want around you. Variety is the spice of life, and this rings true in how you choose to decorate your home too. Use pieces with different styles and textures in the same room, and don’t feel constricted by the architectural style of your room or home, sometimes highly contemporary pieces of art ‘pop’ in the most traditional of settings.

A painting is beautiful on its own, but in the correct frame, it becomes a piece of art. A frame can act as a link between a piece and the style of the room. A subtle touch like matching the wood of the frame to the wood of the floors can be a pleasing visual link, or if you have accents of a themed colour, adding frames with the same colour can bring a look together cohesively and effortlessly.

A final consideration is the lighting, natural or supplied, in the space the piece is in. After hanging the artwork, move the lights around to see how they accent the piece, or have small lights fitted to illuminate focal pieces. If your artwork is behind glass, be cautious of glare from natural light and try to avoid walls opposite windows, unless you choose opt for non-reflective glass.


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