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Mirrors have a variety of uses in a home, such as reflecting natural light, making a space seem much larger and can generally really enhance the décor in your home.

When hanging mirrors in your home, it’s important to remember the following tips:

A large mirror in a small space can make the room seem much larger. The reflection of the mirror can really open up the space, so don’t be afraid to look for a large mirror for a small room.

Don’t be scared to make a mirror a focal point in a room. Just make sure it’s reflecting either a good view or good looking furniture. You can be particularly bold with mirrors that have intricate designs, making them a feature in a room.

Limit mirrors in your bedroom. If you do want a mirror in your bedroom, we suggest having one above your headboard to make the room look bigger. Avoid placing mirrors that focus on the bed as this tends to make the room look messy.

Make use of horizontal mirrors in narrow hallways to create the illusion of a bigger space, the same applies to bathrooms. Adding a full horizontal mirror above the bathroom sink can open up a small space, making it look much larger.  Mirrors really can add depth to a space if placed correctly.  Do you make use of mirrors to add character to the décor in your home?mirrors