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The majority the world’s workforce spend at least 40 hours a week at the office, behind desks, in front of computers, in conference rooms. The average person will spend approximately 90,360 hours of their lives at work. Therefore, creating a pleasant and productivity-inducing space is essential for maintaining an inspiring work environment. Simply making the right furniture, art and design choices can make the world of difference when it comes to inspiring a more energetic and productive tone in your work space.

Here are three top tips for enhancing your office space in 2017:

Hold onto the classics

To prevent having to purchase new furniture every year when styles inevitably change, choose pieces that stand the test of time and will adapt to the ever-transforming face of design. Pick furniture that can acclimatize to new environments and up coming design trends.

We love: this Antique “JR” Desk

Mood everyday: Productivity

Productive well-being is essential in the workplace. The layout of your office space as well as the type of furniture and decor you incorporate are essential in terms of boosting the health and happiness of employees. For example, comfortable chairs and desks paired with mood-lifting colours, inspiration pieces of art and natural lighting are key in this regard. Think areas for collaboration, comfort, lighting, colours, and artwork for a wholistic and sensory experience.

We love: this Pair Silver Gilt Tub Chairs with Grey and Cream Ticking

Can we work outside today?

Bring the outside in. Spending eight hours indoors can become uninspiring. Plants, flowers, even floral design and natural tones and patterns can create the illusion of a more organic and wholesome environment. Think Pantone’s greenery and natural lighting to get the most out of this design trend.

We love: this Still Life of Flowers

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