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Antique and vintage jewellery have proven that they can withstand the test of time when it comes to remaining trending and relevant. A statement bracelet or dangling pendant earring, for example, will never go out of style. Although these pieces may originate from a bygone era, investing in a quality item of antique or vintage jewellry does not mean that you are missing out on following current trends.

Here are 5 of the top trends to look out for in 2017/2018 when purchasing antique and vintage jewellery:

1. Long dangling pendant earrings:

Whether it be oversized gold hoops or single chandelier drops, long dangling earrings are having a moment. One of the advantages of long earrings is that they can worn as statement, stand-alone pieces to compliment a sleek, strapless evening gown, or with a bold sweater and jeans.

We love these: Gold Drop Earrings set with Turquoise & Pearls.

2. Stacked bracelets:

Wearing armfuls of bracelets with classic evening dresses or even with more casual day-to-day attire is one of the most popular trends dominating 2017. Pair a cashmere crewneck with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of favourite jeans with a stack of chunky gold bracelets or add a touch of class to a strappy LBD with ropes of pearls.

We love this: 14ct Gold Cameo Bracelet.

3. Bold necklaces:

Think multiple vertical layers that dip down to the decolletage and long antique inspired pendants. These are beautifully complimentary when paired with plunging necklines or high-neck pullovers and can be wore as singular or multiple strands.

We love this: Vintage 9 Carat Yellow Gold, Blue Topaz and Red Stone Pendant.

4. Statement brooches:

Brooches, particularly those crafted in the Victorian era or in the mid-20th Century, have been making a comeback on both the runway and the red carpet over the past couple of seasons. It’s time to raid your grandmothers jewellery box and rescue those forgotten beauties gathering dust. A brooch pinned to the lapel of a jacket, a belt, the back of a plunging gown or gathered at the hip is guarenteed to make a statement.

We love this: Platinum Brooch set cut with Marquise Diamonds.

5. Stone coloured rings:

Diamonds are no longer a girls best friend with colourful stones becoming increasingly popular in both day-to-day fashion as well as for engagement ring choices. Many individuals favour more colourful options that express individuality. Think gemstone ring stacks and statement pieces paired with plainer gold and silver bands.

We love this: 10 Carat Yellow Gold Amethyst Dress Ring.

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