Love Symbol #2 – a shade of purple fit for a Prince August 16, 2017 – Posted in: Design, General, Uncategorized – Tags: , , ,


Pantone, the world’s authority on all things colour, is honouring legendary music icon Prince by introducing a new murky shade of purple, aptly named after the singer’s logo Love Symbol #2 and his custom Yamaha purple piano.

Throughout his illustrious career, Prince became synonymous with the shade from his iconic album and 1984 film Purple Rain.

Now, a few months after the release of the 30th anniversary deluxe edition of the album, Pantone are memorializing the enigma that is ‘the artist formerly known as’¬†through his signature colour.

For four decades Prince made his mark on music, fashion, art and culture and now his legacy will live on through design, interiors, haute couture and wherever the famed colour is utilized.

According to Pantone, The Prince Estate is already consulting with various partners about collaboration on products that incorporate the moody shade of purple.

So interior designers, decorators, fashionistas and home & business owners can look forward to welcoming Love Symbol #2 and the legendary icon it represents into homes, offices and wardrobes in the near future.