Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner: 5 Ways to Make the Most of Every Space October 20, 2017 – Posted in: Design, General, Uncategorized – Tags: , , ,


Whether you are living in a cozy loft apartment or a spacious country home there is almost always a underutilized nook waiting to be given a purpose. Not only will this keep your clutter at bay and keep your home looking spacious and clean, it is also a fun and creative way to breathe some life into a perfect, often overlooked spot. Think under-the-stair spots or a corner of a room standing empty. Make the most out of small spaces and make every inch count with these five tricks:

1. Bookcases & Shelves

Wall mounted storage such as a few shelves or a small free-standing bookcase are perfect, not only for filling up unused space, but also for displaying some of your favourite books and trinkets you might not have space for elsewhere in your home.

We love thisGeorgian Bureau Bookcase

2. Artistic Coffee Nook

A low coffee table paired with an eye-catching piece of art and a small yet comfortable armchair is a stylish and sophisticated way to utilize an under-the-stairs spot. It also serves as the perfect little hideaway for your morning coffee before you’re ready to face the day.

We love thisCoffee Table with Stainless Steel Feet

3. Curl up with a Good Book

Go simple with a sizable, comfortable sofa – making your nook the perfect spot to curl up with a good book, crossword puzzle or sneak away for a nap on a rainy afternoon.

We love thisChaise lounge with silver leafed carvings

4. Hidden Home Office

Don’t have a spare room for a study? Think again. A small space, like under the stairs, is an ideal spot for a home office. Transform a small space with an antique writing desk, a leather office chair and a small filing cabinet. And because it is quiet and hidden away it is the perfect place to get your work done in peace.

We love this: Dutch Colonial Writing Desk

5. Indoor Garden

Bring the outdoors inside by filling up your unused space with a mini garden. Think potted plants lined up on a shelving unit or even a wall-hanging vertical garden. It is the perfect way to invite a little bit of greenery into your home.

We love thisEdwardian Mahogany Display Cabinet