Original art is just as important as a bed, here’s why November 30, 2016 – Posted in: General


You wouldn’t really consider putting fake books on your bookshelf, so why put fake art on your walls? Art is just as important as a key piece of furniture, yet it’s not had the same weight as other home objects. Here are a few reasons why it should matter to you.

Memories are made

You will always remember the moment you connected with a piece of art and how/where/why you bought it. Doubt if a poster has the same effect. It is an experience and the story, like you were browsing for a holiday destination when this piece caught your eye, and will always stay with you.

It keeps the brain active

It’s a conceptual stimulant. It is often used as medium to express political or social issues, or to express personal thought, and to make the viewer think. Some do crossword puzzles, but as an alternative, why not just sit, look and think.

Instant relaxation

The demand for speed and productivity often leaves us drained, and staring at a television screen or blank wall will not recharge us as much as just looking at an artwork that was purchased to create a positive and relaxed mood.

Mood creator

Art can trigger a dopamine surge, as revealed by neurobioligist Professor Zeki in his study of brain scans, very similar to falling in love. And who would want to miss out on that!

It finishes a look

Just like a bedroom would not make sense without a bed, art finishes off the look in a room. It also takes a room from being functional to feeling like a home.

It makes it personal

We express ourselves in many different forms, and because original art is usually unique, it says a lot about personal style and expression, which is also why it’s often a conversation starter about your own passions.

It is an investment

Not only are you supporting the careers of artists, it will often also increase in value and can be handed down in generations to follow as a legacy.

And above all, creating your own collection is fun!

(Image courtesy of Home Designing)