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The advent of a new year often calls for home makeovers, whether it be a single room or an entire home overhaul. A bedroom, while ultimately a place to rest your weary head, should also be a sanctuary – your personal Fortress of Solitude, if you will. Below we have outlined five tips for rejuvenating your bedroom in 2018.

1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Mirrors are more than merely a practically. When it comes to small spaces mirrors are something of a godsend. Large floor-to-ceiling mirrors not only open a tiny bedroom, creating the illusion of space, they brighten up an area by bouncing light around a room.

We love this: Black & Gold Framed Bevelled Mirror

2. Hanging Lights: Continuing with the theme of small spaces, hanging lights are ideal for eliminating clutter, while simultaneously adding a unique way of bringing more lighting into a room without cramping the space. Brighten your bedroom without using any floor space by choosing interesting, mismatched hanging lights, which also add texture and contrast.

We love this: Pair Antique/Vintage Basket Style Crystal Chandeliers

3. Not your Average Nightstand: One of this year’s top bedroom decor trends is the adoption of unconventional nightstands. Instead of furnishing your space with a typical bedside table, hit the refresh button on your bedroom by utilizing items that wouldn’t traditionally be used as a nightstand. Popular choices include a stack of vintage suitcases, chairs that can double as extra seating if necessary, a stack of magazines or books, baskets, and trunks.

We love this: Well travelled vintage suitcase

4. Dr. StrangeLight: A simple and inexpensive technique of revamping your bedroom being embraced in 2018 is stepping out of the box with bizarre lighting. Light fixtures are often overlooked , or considered as an afterthought, retaining merely their practical aspect. However, strange or interesting lighting are gaining popularity. This is perhaps due to the fact that this trend, while not a drastic change, can alter the entire mood of a space.

We love this: Vintage Rococo style Brass & Crystal Mini Chandelier

5. Back in Black (and White): Over recent years black furniture has taken something of a backseat to a more colorful and experimental colour pallete. This year marks the revival of the monochromatic trend, with black and white sofas, decor and appliances returning with a vengeance. Easy to coordinate, black and white provides the perfect baseline, leaving you to experiment in other areas.

We love this: French 3 pcs suite with silver leafed carvings