Reflections and delineation – David Porter September 22, 2016 – Posted in: Unique Collections – Tags: , , ,


David Porter only painted for the last 11 years of his life, but the intensity and passion made up for the prior half-century of working in antiques and fine art. His aesthetic sensibilities as an antique dealer are rooted in the furniture and silver of the 18th century. His love of copper, Chinese ceramics and Imari clearly shines through his work, as well as his empathy with the post Impressionists, Nolde, Cezanne and Munch.

He developed a great interest in South African art, which lead him to always have other interesting paintings in his antique shop in Cape Town. His worldview is substantially based on the objet d’arte that surrounds him, yet his art reflects the move away from the solid form to one that is based on impressions and what resonates within him. His delineation is important while the essential nature of the items is reflected in colours and the persistent life that lingers in the memory. Light sensitive, the deep floral hues reflect upon the surfaces of various polished metals.

The impact of his work is in the power to communicate his feelings with the richness of his experience. His first solo exhibition was a sell out, with a growing collector’s base.