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Seating is so much more than simply a practical convenience. Although a necessity, the type of furniture you utilize can tie the room together, create a mood and make a statement.

The days of all-white or monochrome interiors and, in turn, seating appear to be on the fast-track to becoming a thing of the past as bold splashes of colour start to take over. Brightly coloured wallpaper, kitchen appliances, cupboards, carpets, decorative pieces, to name a few, are steadily growing ubiquitous in the home.

The same can be said for texture. Interesting patterns and designs are gaining in popularity, with interior designers mixing contrasting textures to achieve enviable results. Often overlooked as an afterthought, texture is an element which, if manipulated appropriately, can add a powerful dimension to any space.

If recent history is any indication seating is an aspect of decorating where we have, for the most part, stuck to the safe options – subdued colours, sensible fabrics, ordinary textures. Now, colourful chairs and sofas and interesting textures have exploded onto the market, taking a turn towards bringing seating into the home as the central focus of the room.

Take a step away from sticking to neutrals when it comes to seating and completely alter the ambiance and mood of a room with bold seating options. Here are our top 5 picks:


Victorian Mahogany Settee On Castors


Pair Ebonised Edwardian Armchairs


Three piece French Paris chinoiserie settee


Continental Hand Painted Baltic Bench


Antique Mahogany Bustle Back Chair7

Dutch 19th Century Oak chair with Gross Point Needle Work