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A Bronze of the Restless Artist

A Bronze of the Restless Artist

Born in Munich, Germany in 1908, Stefan’s love of painting was already evident from an early age at his Bavarian home. A restless and adventurous temperament often made him explore very widely on foot and by sea until he arrived in 1926 in South Africa. After settling he befriended and modelled in Johannesburg, while receiving guidance in his amateur paintings, with the British artist John Henry Amschewitz.

Soon thereafter he acquired a caravan and started travelling around the countryside for almost 17 years with his wife, Iris Ampenberger, happily sketching and exhibiting alongside her. Finally settling in Thaba ‘Nchu in 1964, he concerned himself primarily with landscapes and became a guest member of the “Bloemfontein Group”.

He occasionally lets figures intrude his scenes, but always incidental to Ampenberger’s sweeping rhythms of the geophysical land formation and clustered vegetation. His bold techniques are mostly painted in juicy, broad strokes, casually defining the natural features. The absence of detail combined with a restless, expressionist bravura stamps them as modern works of art. In the early 70’s he intensified his chromatic colours to leave the former greens and browns behind, and actively painted till the end.

See his work here.

(Bronze & Image courtesy of Mike Edwards)