Storage Wars: 6 ways to upgrade your storage solutions March 20, 2018 – Posted in: Design, General, Uncategorized – Tags: , , , , ,


Clutter in the home can put you on the fast track to ruining the entire aesthetic of your home. However, rather than shoving your belongings in a cupboard that no one looks in, storage can become an integral and even aesthetic component of your design scheme. That is, storage options can be both practical and elegant. Here are 6 tips to take your storage solutions to the next level.

1. Opt for a clothing rack: In the event of lacking cupboard space, a clothing rack is a trendy and functional option that also saves capacity. Choose items of clothing to display that reflect your personal style and tie into the aesthetic of your room.

2. Utilize unused corners: Unused corners are essentially a waste of precious space, especially if you are working with a limited area in your home. Make use of these corners by incorporating a reading nook, small home office, or add a few creative cubby holes.

3. Reviving open shelving: Whether it be in the kitchen, living room or bedroom, open shelving is making a comeback. Trading the heavy cabinetry for open shelving not only allows you to reflect your personality with individual items, it also opens up your space.

4. Consider hidden storage: Hidden cabinetry in ottomans, sofas and coffee tables offer a stylish and multifunctional storage solution. That is, this option allows you to store your personal belongings while maintaining the structure and aesthetic of your space.

5. Store and divide: Choosing a room divider that doubles as a storage solution, such as a tall bookshelf or a display cabinet, not only partitions your space, it also allows you to display and store items you may not have had room for otherwise.

6. Say yes to the storage trunk: Vintage suitcases continue to gain popularity as decorative items in the home; as bedside tables, coffee table stands, even bookshelves. Take this trend to the next level by using this decorative item as actual storage space with a vintage touch.