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Apart from the obvious purpose of storing your books, bookshelves can be utilized as an outlet for creativity, style and personality. Moreover, choosing the right bookshelf your space and filling the shelves with the appropriate items can turn an everyday piece of furniture into the central focal point of the room. Here are some tips on how to achieve the perfect bookshelf.

1. What it was intended for:

Start with the obvious – books. Although they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, in this case that is exactly what you should do, more specifically the spine as this is the part of the book that will be on display. Whether you stack them low and horizontal or tall and vertical is entirely your choice and also largely depends on the type of bookshelf you are working with. Most importantly, choose books that are meaningful to you as they will serve as a reflection of your personality.

We love thisVintage Bookcase With 2 Drawers & Cupboards

2. Add sculptural/decorative objects:

When it comes to choosing what type of sculptural or decorative items to place on your bookshelf, the key is to choose objects with an interesting shape or texture to add depth and dimensions to the space. Make sure you choose pieces that complement one another and the general colour scheme or palette of your bookshelf.

We love thisArt Deco Goldscheider Figurine

3. Foliage is key:

Breathe life into your bookshelf by bringing the outside in. Carefully selected plants will instantly freshen up the space. Potted plants can also add height, texture and a little bit of whimsy to your shelf. Think quirky succulents, herbs in mason jars or terrariums. Plus, choosing the right pot, perhaps something with a vintage pattern or a bold colour can double as your sculptural addition.

We love thisGlass Cameo Vase circa 1900

4. Add a touch of your personality:

Choose a few personal items to add an individual touch to your bookshelf. Try to limit photographs as it becomes difficult for them to make an impact if there are too many of them. Objectivity is key so choose fewer pieces that will make a statement about who you are and how you want to be perceived. Think antique radios or cameras, an interesting sculpture, or a unique collectable item. Remember; avoid littering your bookshelf with too much clutter to ensure that it remains tasteful rather than tacky.

We love thisModel Ship Enclosed In Wooden & Glass Case