The Painter’s Painter – Neil Rodger (1941 – 2013) August 22, 2016 – Posted in: General, Unique Collections – Tags: , ,

Neil Rodger in his studio.

Noticing the striking realism first, Neil Rodger’s work calmly draws you in, to appreciate the fine detail of his work, before exploring the soul and enigmatic style so characteristic of his finest work. Almost defying categorisation, Rodger belongs to one of those individual realists who in a modern era pursued timelessness and harmony that is found regardless of period and place in great art. His conviction and self belief in the manner he portrays his work in a universally appealing way, is a testament to how little cultural revolutions, changing attitudes or fashion have remained to keep him unmoved.

Rodger covered an exceptionally wide range of content and worked in a variety of media in both sculpture and painting. Equally proficient in landscapes, interiors and figures, he was one of South Africa’s most sought after portraitists both at home and abroad. His subjects often remain anonymous, but appear elusive yet deeply peaceful.

‘I believe that pictures rarely benefit from commentary by the artist. In general I would say that while most good art has been extremely difficult and taxing in the making, it is a prerequisite of great art that this is not evident – that it appears effortless or even inevitable.’ – Neil Rodger

A Michaelis and Rhodes University Master’s degree in Fine Art (Cum Laude) graduate, he had strong cultural connections with Europe with resounding influences from his training at Rijks Academie van Beeldende Kunsten in Netherland, as well as the Mediterranean by inclination.

Rodger is rightly considered a “painter’s painter“ and one of the great artists of his generation.