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With a new year come new trends and 2018 is set to introduce another wave of changes to the design world. Each passing year brings new options for decorating and designing your home. Here are five of our favorites to consider if you’re ready to try something new this year.

Look up: Ceilings revisited

Ceilings are often overlooked when it comes to interior design. However, the importance of details when it comes to styling your home is essential. In essence, the ceiling should be treated as the fifth wall of your space. Focus on creating a unique, inimitable aesthetic for your ceiling to transform a drab “wall” into something beautifully eye catching. Think exposed beams, slatted, medallions, ship lap, woven design, and moldings.

80s throwback: sharp pastels

While dusty pink and similarly muted tones were all the rage in 2017, this year has exploded with an entirely bolder palette. Think funky pinks, emboldened blues, lime greens and high definition yellows. With the correct balance and careful application, these shades not only haven the ability to liven up a space, but can also add a touch of sophistication. Pair these youthful hues with chrome, copper, gold, glossy black, silver or navy blue. Be careful to avoid expensive changes as trends will ultimately move on by steering clear of costly permanent fixtures such as tiles or fitted appliances. Instead, make a statement by choosing accent furniture, adding scatter cushions, rugs or other accessories.

Go luxe with chrome

Although chrome has largely been overshadowed by burnished brass and gold over the past few years, the luxe look that chrome brings to the table appears to be making a comeback in 2018. Not only does chrome add a crisp clean feeling to a space, it’s versatility allows it to be used in various rooms of your home. Let it shine in the kitchen, bedroom or dining area in lighting, accessories or hardware.

Zest for Zellige

If you aren’t yet familiar with Zellige tiles, now is the time to do so. The soft, glazed Morrocan tiles, with their rich colour palette, rippling texture and subtly irregular aesthetic are inspiring kitchens and bathrooms from London to Cape Town. Inspired by the subways of New York, these tiles add a touch of warmth as a stylish contrast to large, cold appliances. Choose shades in deep greens and dark blues paired with minimalistic surroundings.

Follow the curve

If you are looking to add a subtly bold and playfully unique touch to your home, curved couches are the ones to beat. While most living room furniture and appliances are the picture of edges and straight lines (think about that television cabinet, bookshelf, coffee table), curved couches soften the and provide a more intimate living experience. However, make sure you choose the right location and ideal application.