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Antique furniture can be difficult and nerve wracking to clean, especially if the item is old and is made of natural materials such as wood. Wood is porous and comprises of natural fibers that are able to breathe.

The more wood ages, the more it needs to be cared for and cleaned properly, as moisture and dirt can easily seep into an antique item, ruining its value and condition. A top antique collector mentions that: ‘depending on the finish that is placed on the top layer of the wood to stain or seal it, the furniture may still soak up any product or moisture that is placed onto its surface.’

Many antique dealers recommend using an oil-based cleaner instead of a wax one, as wax can often seal dirt in rather than remove it.

To remove smells and musky odors from wooden drawers or cabinets, using traditional remedies can work wonders. Try using a mixture of ground coffee with dry rice grains. First spread the coffee grounds in the drawers, or area of the smell and then add the rice grains. Leave the mixture for about a week to soak up the smells.

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