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With the first half of 2017 well behind us and 2018 steadily approaching its time to start looking towards further trends. Here are some of the experts predictions for 2018.

Top tip: Antique and vintage furnishing continue to dominate and inspire the ever-changing climate of interior design.

What’s in: Warm colours, natural stone, cacti, curved shaped furniture, wicker, cordless lamps, black kitchens, portable lighting.

What’s out: Florals, damask, polished glossy stone, white kitchens and bathrooms, copper and rose gold finishes, minimalism, shiny high-gloss finishes.

What’s next: Suede, more designers collaborating with mass-produced furniture brands, Asian-inspired design, red accents, terrazzo, velvet, ottomans and side tables, lamps, brass objects, handmade glazed ceramics, mouth-blown coloured vases, wooden vases, black forest, emerald green and watermelon red.

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